3D Stand "toe-out" Trommelberg URS 183D2
3D Stand "toe-out" Trommelberg URS 183D2
3D Stand "toe-out" Trommelberg URS 183D2
3D Stand "toe-out" Trommelberg URS 183D2
3D Stand "toe-out" Trommelberg URS 183D2
3D Stand "toe-out" Trommelberg URS 183D2
3D Stand "toe-out" Trommelberg URS 183D2
3D Stand "toe-out" Trommelberg URS 183D2

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· 3D: modern measurement technology for high performance

· Complete database of cars factory specifications

· Procedures for measurement and regulations, including OEM procedure – high accuracy adjustment of the car

· Full localization for the CIS countries.

3D technology
The main advantage of the 3D stands is to improve the performance of the procedure, "alignment" more than twice.In particular, this is achieved by using a single procedure of compensation by the application (only one application!), when the wheel rotates no more than 35 degrees.

Unlike traditional stands "alignment", which uses numerous external electronic components, in the case of stands 3D on the wheels of the vehicles are equipped with a passive target. Targets for their work does not require any cables or power sources or charging devices or other electronic components that require periodic calibration. The target is simple in design, does not contain glass and is resistant to corrosion, making them extremely reliable.

After commissioning of the stand 3D, it is required to make only one simple calibration targets, and in the future a calibration is not required.

Fixed beam with digital cameras

Procedure "alignment" is performed on the lift in the lowest position, or to prepared the pit.

A complete database of factory specifications

Contains contains over 20,000 spec cars of all the world's producers with the possibility of annual renewal and replenishment. The user can also add, edit and delete their own data (user data Bank).
The database contains all necessary data to carry out a full and accurate procedures for OEM vehicles such as Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Renault, etc.
The presence of animated tips and necessary illustrations greatly facilitates the process of adjusting angles.
The stand is equipped with a simple and convenient software that allowed to create a user-friendly interface to organize and intuitive control of all functions.

Procedure measurements and adjustments

In the software of the stand provides for different procedures for measuring and adjusting vklyuchaem procedure.
- Adjust the front toe
Allows you to adjust the front toe on the cars by independent adjustment rods of each wheel. The use of this procedure achieves the desired performance of the convergence and allows to achieve the desired steering position without re-adjustment or correction adjustments.
- Adjustment of curve toe
Needed to eliminate changes in toe of each wheel due to movement of the suspension up and down under the influence of shocks and reverse the spring. Excessive suspension travel can lead to premature tire wear and cause sharp changes of the direction of movement of the vehicle when in motion. Is a standard adjustment for vehicles equipped with multi-link front suspension MULTILINK (AUDI A4, A6 and A8, VW PASSAT).
- Adjust camber with the vehicle still raised
Convenient to use in case of difficulty of access nodes adjust the camber. All adjustment operations are performed as if the car stood on wheels on the floor.
- Measurement of height
In the cases provided for in OEM procedures, the software prompts you to enter height, measured in different ways and with the appropriate tools. It is important for such cars as Mercedes Benz.
- OEM procedures for BMW
Data entry for the pre-corner adjustment and pre-load
- Quick adjustment of corners of installation of wheels (using OEM Wizard)
Can be done by forcing to skip some standard procedures, including rolling.
- Fast switching between different measurement units: mm, degrees , degrees/minutes, inches.

Full localization for CIS countries

Software stand completely Russified, including a table of contents screens there are, the names of parameters in reports and other data.
The software provides several types of localized two-tone reports: graphics, testing, pre-validation, the data about the car.
The stand has a Russian certificate of type approval of measuring instruments ("metrological certificate").

Some special features:

· Ability to upload logo and company name of the seller/dealer

· Multiplayer mode, update, data model, etc.

· Data Manager is a useful tool for garages which allows you to find the data for the work executed by month, year and registration number.


The diameter of the disc

12" – 24"

Wheel diameter, mm

510 – 1020

Track width, mm

1220 – 2440

Wheelbase, mm

1830 – 4015

The distance between the beam and turning circle, mm


Payment by rolling, grad


The measured angles

Camber (front/rear), ± deg/min


Longitudinal inclination of an axis of rotation, ± deg/min


The transverse inclination of the axis of rotation, ± deg/min


The convergence of wheels (front/rear), ± deg/min


The convergence of the total, ± deg/min


The turning angle of the wheels ± deg/min


Included angle, ± deg/min


The thrust angle, ± deg/min


Runout ± deg/min


Axis offset (front/rear), ± mm


The difference in track width, ± mm


General data

Power supply

1F.х220-230V/50 Hz

Consumed power, W


Dimensions (Desk+wardrobe), mm


Dimensions (fixed beam), mm


Net weight, kg

125 (stand+wardrobe+beam)

Additional information
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